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About Hunt Enterprises

Our experienced staff has been producing and delivering quality parts to the Electronics and General Commercial Industries for over 30 years. Our success in the custom machining industry is based on the quality, delivery, price and diversity of our products.

Quality begins with the selection of only the finest materials. Parts are produced and inspected using the latest CNC equipment with unwavering accuracy. Inspection includes the use of statistical process control methods that monitor part tolerances as they are being produced. This test data is made available to each customer as required.

From raw materials to finished product, our focus is on process control. HUNT ENTERPRISES is innovative, versatile and always competitively priced. Our on-time delivery policy keeps your production on schedule. We have extensive experience in the following materials: Engineering Plastics, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel as well as Titanium and Iconel.

Our ability to adapt to changes in industry keeps us at the forefront of innovation. We utilize the latest in MasterCam systems in the development of your part. We can suggest changes and manufacturing options that can minimize expense and maximize productivity.